Q3 Pentaho London meetup

Last night we had our Q3 Pentaho London meetup and it was different to the norm for three reasons

1. We visited codenode. The AMAZING new venue for skillsmatter.  Really its very good these guys are doing something right.  Even finding a space that large in the city must have been quite a battle.

2. We did “labs” (more below)

3. There was no beer (to be fixed by next time!)

Anyway why labs? Well it’s an idea we stole from the South American community.  I’ve already blogged about it but here is what we covered

Community – how to contribute etc – Worth a blog post in itself, this is an important topic!
Plugins – how to build (BA Server oriented discussion)
General sparkl chat (Natural progression from above)
Rules engines – jare and drools (Another blog post one day..)
Cloud integration applications
Aes connection security (ee only?)
Ws02 for Web service integration
Apache drill
Vertica pros and cons

And we also saw a bemusing issue from Richard where sparkl just didn’t start. Weird!

Anyway see you all at pcm.. no excuses!

To register for the PCM Hackathon go here

To see all the logistical details for PCM go to github

And to register for PCM go to eventbrite

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