#BigDataLDN 2022 Day 1

So, of course, BigDataLDN was back yesterday and boy did it kick off with a bang! Queues around the block and irate venue staff! Wowser!

By far and away the busiest day I’ve seen at Olympia. It was great to see so many vendors all committed to the event too. Plus of course, the very exciting new stage for DataMesh.

Needless to say I saw both of Zhameks talks, all very interesting stuff. Some amusing predictions came out of the panel discussions, some of which I posted on twitter, which inevitably led to the usual religious hatred coming out! (Honestly i’ve never seen such a polarising technology)

Sadly for the first year ever i was unable to get into the F1 talk, doh! But I’ll look it up on youtube – it’s interesting they moved to the AI/ML stage this year. I wonder what the angle there is.

Anyway I’ll be back today – Not forgetting I’m on a panel debate where we’re discussing the rise of the data engineer. See you there!


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