Pentaho London Usergroup July 22 2014

Hi, we’re way ahead of the game with the usergroup this quarter.  You can find details of the agenda and registration links here:

With a distinctly big data theme it’s bound to be a busy one. Beers will be sponsored as usual, and with an earlier start we’ll have more time down the pub too.  I do genuinely believe the networking side of this event is just as important as the content itself.

Also curious to see what Tom has to show us with Apache OODT – An interesting project currently rarely seen in the BI world.  You saw it here first!

Its also Diddys (Diethard Steiner) first time up, which is amazing really, he’s such a pillar of the blog community he deserves a place. But lets be sure to heckle him too!

Please do share and promote the event!  Any questions, feedback or comments welcome!



Saiku, Open Source and sustainability

Recently Tom Barber (Magicaltrout) made a post here talking about the troubles of funding an open source product such as Saiku.

In talking to some colleagues there’s an angle here which perhaps some have not considered – which is that of the community version of the Pentaho BI server.  Should Saiku disappear where does that leave the BI Server?

Well; In a very bad state I would suggest. Essentially then you’re a BI server with no olap client.  So what is included in CE then? Well nothing other than reporting.  (And not even adhoc reporting as of 5.0)  Hmm; Thats strangely like another recently acquired “open source” BI server out there where the community version is rarely seen in production.

So; I just hope that those in the Pentaho community (Including those at the corporation itself) realise the benefit that Saiku brings to the BI suite

And before anyone points out dashboards in CE ( which are actually industry leading) – They’re not part of the default CE product and that is a great shame – A surprising number of people don’t even know about the whole Ctool stack.

I personally like some of the models I’ve seen recently where the community collaboratively fund specific features. Maybe that could work for Saiku!