PLUG 22 – It’s back!

So, on the evening of 10th Feb, PLUG (Pentaho London Usergroup) returned! This time around we were at the National Archives, quite an impressive building.

Now; This event has been a LONG time in the making. Not just because of covid either – It was quite some time ago that Adam mentioned he had some plugins to show off, but we got there and it happened.

So; how were the talks?

First up – I talked data mesh! Just a 10 minute overview / introduction to the basics. There was plenty of discussion and i’m sure we could have gone on much longer with this one. One things for sure, It’s one to watch

Secondly – Adam covered the plugins they use with PDI – this was very interesting. You can read his slides here:

Third up – Rob covered performance tuning in PDI/Kettle and it was very well presented too. We’ve all been there, and there was plenty to consider and review in this presentation – Slides here:

Fourth, and not yet last, was Michal and he gave an excellent demo on setting up both Apache Hop and Kettle on an M1 Arm64 based mac, he’s even written up the tutorial here:

And finally – we had a quick updated from Benedict Faria who is a solutions engineer with Hitachi Vantara and keen to help support the community in London – In fact, if all goes well we’ll be back with Hitachi for the next meetup.

So yes, 5 talks, pretty crazy! Breaks our rule of limiting to 3, but as one was a lightning, and one and overview, well rules are made to be broken… Nevertheless everyone was really engaged, lots of questions and it really was good to be back. There may even have been a beer or two afterwards.. (And possibly even a taxi due to missing the last train – Damnit Kew is far away!)

Ah yes, one other thing, the name of the event. Well we’re continuing as a hybrid apache hop / pentaho meetup for now. hplug or phlug is a bit of a mouthful, so any better ideas to encompass both communities in the name?

Hope thats useful, comment below! And AGAIN – many thanks for the national archives for hosting!

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