#Pentaho Community news roundup March 2016

Welcome to the March Roundup – As last month if you have anything to add please join the discussion.
#Pentaho News Roundup
The gartner BI conference is (was!) going on in London – Keep an eye out for interesting tweets, well worth following the stream and/or looking back through it.  Don’t forget that they just declared Pentaho as a visionary.
Meet the expert
Pentaho are holding a meet the expert breakfast event in London where you can quiz Mark Stubbs on all sorts of thorny Pentaho architectural issues.  Please do give him a challenge!  You can register and find more info here
Spain is quite possibly the first country to have 2 different Meetup groups – covering Barcelona and Madrid. Last week was the first Barcelona meet and it was well received. One of the talks “Uses of PDI beyond traditional ETL” is particularly interesting and I’ve asked for more information.
The next London meetup is not until May – Please contact me if you have a talk and I will get it on the radar. The registration page is here
It looks like #PCM16 will be in Antwerp again. The organisation will start soon for the event probably around November time, post Pentaho world.  (Or will this now just be hitachi world?)
Spinning up PDI with juju
Read here about Toms success in using juju to spin up PDI. Very interesting technology this – Takes us beyond docker and into a true dynamic modelling world.
As always everyone is still recruiting.  Both for experienced tech folk and acomplished graduates. If you’re looking then contact me and i’ll put you in touch with the current opportunities.  In a medium sized community like Pentaho I think we can all avoid the unnecessary expense and hassle of recruiters..