#BigDataLDN – Day 2

So, BigDataLDN day 2, where to start?

A slightly quieter day meant for a much more interactive experience for me – it was a pleasure catching up with so many people! Many of the vendors were just as keen to chat, altho some folks were slightly jaded from the previous evenings drinks I think! I didn’t manage to find anyone doing automation and document processing unfortunately. Any hints?

I did think the memgraph app which tracked the #bigdataldn hashtag was a really clever use of a graph platform, I’m hoping more of that gets shared soon. There’s no better way to demonstrate a product than using a domain that everyone understands!

Also; staying to the bitter end was great for swag collection!

This was also my first time on a panel discussion – the Rise of the Data Engineer – a great topic and one very relevant to my career in data – was 45 minutes covering such interesting topics as trends and how to get into data engineering.

At the end we had Matt Parker doing the final closing keynote and he was brilliant! So funny – and so true – thats the scary thing. His YouTube channel is here.

I for one look forward to next year – where no doubt the conference will be bigger and better.


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