#BigDataLDN 2021! DAY 1

Wow, what an event. It’s sooo good to be back!

So, who did I see talk and which vendors did I see?

First up was Jim webber talking datascience in neo4j. This is always good, and had some interesting snippets about those that get the best pay are often those with weak links to other communities, not those most strongly connected in the current community. Err, yay! 🙂 The hard bit with neo4j is the terminology, the software itself is almost comically easy to use.

Then Chris Fregly was talking Quantum. This is excellent stuff – and for some reason it made me chuckle that they already support S3 from the AWS bracket quantum compute layer. Top prediction is that RSA will be cracked in 100 years, so your bitcoin is safe for now! We’ve just moved into era 2 of 3 eras of quantum compute, so it’s definitely moving on. He said remember this talk in 20 years. Well I’ll be retired by then, so meh.

Then i saw TreasureData. Now these guys seem to be the first ever to have done customer 360 properly. They currently ingest 2Bn records a second – WOW. Very interesting identity resolution going on too – also liked how they promote to anonymous/unknown users to try and get them registered so they become known. One client has a $70M revenue increase from using this tool – i wonder what % of that they take? they must be VERY expensive.

Then the treat of the day – Just look at this talk topic: “The falacy of move fast break stuff”. Really good talk – check it out once it appears on youtube.. From https://twitter.com/JessicaCregg

So day 1 over, that then leaves day 2. When i’m speaking.. yipes..