September PLUG

After the success of our Pentaho #BigData meetup in July we already had another meetup scheduled, but this had slipped to December due to various other Pentaho events around the globe!  People generally felt that we should have another one before Dec, so September 18th was found!

Now; There are some amongst us (Ahem, IVY!) who will be very busy on that day, watching the results of the Scottish vote for independence come in. Given the political landscape will change regardless of the result I figured it made no difference to us.

So this time we have Nelson Sousa presenting an entry he made for an F1 data competition built using the CTools of course.  I’m awaiting further juicy details to see whether we have more D3.js loveliness or whether this time it’s something else!

Diethard Steiner another pillar of the UK and worldwide Pentaho community will be presenting and formally releasing the Bissol table editor. This came from an idea which has been bouncing around the community for some time now, and it just so happened that the current landscape of Sparkl and Pentaho 5.0 made this much more achievable than ever before.

Finally I shall present a quick piece on the state of the Pentaho market. What no tech I hear you cry!!  Well it’s simple – I get asked this question a LOT, from meetup members, recruiters, and even sales guys from competing technologies!  There’ll be some interesting stats, and some anecdotal rubbish too.

We’re sticking to 4pm for this meetup – still awaiting feedback from anyone about why this is good or not!  This means we’ll be down the pub by 6pm,  There is no sponsor for the beer this time around.  To be honest – if that hits numbers, then I’ll take that to mean those that do turn up are the important ones!  There’ll be no lack of beer once we get down to the slaughtered lamb, and no doubt Pizza too later on.