What’s in a name? #PLUG

Good morning,

An off the cuff comment got me thinking the other day that should we change the name of the #Pentaho London Usergroup (meetup) to KLUG?  i.e. Kettle London Usergroup?

Well; Our keen supporters will remember at one point we tried to rebrand as an Opensource BI meetup, and we bought in all sorts of complimentary tools and talks. Not all opensource however!  This unfortunately didn’t work and just spread things too thin. There is value in meetups being focussed around a thin area.

So what does the word Pentaho vs the word Kettle mean?  Historically Pentaho was the company name of course, and also used interchangeably as the product name but Hitachi have now disowned the word Pentaho, and in fact, Pentaho swag is now banned in the offices.  So it means nothing to them. In my world it’s simple – its the original tech stack – So including the BI server, all modules within that, the Metadata layer, Reporting and Mondrian, and of course Kettle.  Oh, and ctools 🙂

Now; All of those modules apart from ctools are active independently from the BI server and used across various other stacks.  So “Pentaho” is just a collection of libraries really at its heart.  (Think Saiku, tibco etc)

Ctools on the other hand is still an extremely capable tool. There’s little else out there that is so flexible, despite it being positively ancient now. Just imagine if someone took the ctools architecture and rebuilt it for the modern times, it would be a killer app.

I digress. So, Pentaho is just a collective name for a bunch of BI tools!  Therefore, I think PLUG (for now) can remain our acronym! What do you think?  Any other options?

PS: Of course, with Kettle being renamed to Hop and moving to ASF, that presents another renaming opportunity, but somehow HLUG just doesn’t flow off the tongue correctly 🙂


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