RequireJS again!

Remember this?

Well, I came across a more complex example – a Library with various dependencies.  On reading all the docs MANY times I built a shim but it just didnt work, hence in a moment of frustrating i went for the last resort option of a post on the community site:

Note the deathly silence!

However; Later on I was editing my shim inline rather than as an external file, and hang on, i spotted a warning – there was a missing comma! Arrgh. How annoying. So after all that the shim WAS correct, and my understanding of requireJS was indeed valid.

So here’s how to do it:

var requireConfig = requireCfg.config;

if(!requireConfig['amd']) {
requireConfig['amd'] = {};

if(!requireConfig['amd']['shim']) {
requireConfig['amd']['shim'] = {};

requireConfig['amd']['shim']["cde/resources/public/dashboard/plugins/alpaca"] = {
exports: "jQuery",
deps: {
"cdf/lib/jquery": "jQuery" 

requireConfig['amd']['shim']["cde/resources/public/dashboard/plugins/handlebars"] = {
exports: "jQuery",
deps: {
"cdf/lib/jquery": "jQuery" 


], function($) {


Note: this is a simplified example, there are more dependencies, but as you see you can simply copy and paste those as needed.

There’s another point too. do NOT call your resource alpaca, because that clashes with the alpaca call itself. Instead call it alpacaShim or something.

I hope you all continue to enjoy the horrors of requireJS!

Until next time!


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