Community News – July 2016

Hi Everyone,
So it’s been a while since the last news update, there’s been a lot going on, but really it’s all about the meetups..
#Pentaho News Roundup
Greenplum use case
Released only today, here’s a good read on EMC and their use of greenplum
PDI Running in snowflake
So, lets see if we can get inquidia to cross the pond and present this to PLUG, in the mean time to see how they’ve released a plugin to enable PDI to run in the cloud via snowflake, go here
Ok, this is SURELY THE BIG NEWS!  Pentaho Community Meetup 2016 is back in Antwerp this year. For those that don’t know, it’ll follow a fairly familiar pattern along the lines of:
Friday Arrive in antwerp, chill
Friday Evening hackathon esque event
Saturday Main conference (At a stunning location!)
Saturday Evening – Trialing the stunning diversity of beer available in Belgium
Sunday – Sightseeing / crawling home
There’s no formal agenda yet, but we do know the date – 11th – 13th November.  So get your flights/trains/hotels booked now.
As usual from Pentaho themselves there will be an extensive turnout of Pentaho developers, product owners, Pedros etc.  Then there’ll be the usual blend of developers, users and data ninjas.
Also with no “Pentaho world” this year there’ll be no cannibalism, so this looks set to be a huge one.
But! don’t forget good old Pentaho London – PLUG!  We’re moving to canonicals offices for a meetup to discuss bigdata devops amongs other things. You’ll also see Nelson presenting something top secret, sounds intriguing. Register here
Dynamic processing engines
This has generated quite some interest. Err, from myself!  Read it here
Not sure of any specifics going around right now, but there’s loads out there, the market is crazy right now!

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