Pentaho Community Meetup May 16 #iot

So, last night was our quarterly(ish) meetup for the Pentaho community and we welcomed Wael to the presenters club to talk about IOT and most interestingly the new lumada platform from Hitachi. (Cue much jokes about lambada…)

We then had Ricardo Pires (yes i got it right in the end) talking about fusion charts:

So, key take aways:

Waels explanation of the 5 Cs of IOT was excellent.  It is documented in a blog here: but good to see it explained face to face!  Funnily enough it seems various people have published the 7 Cs, and the 8 Cs of IOT.  Uh huh, this is a thing we do now then is it?…


Fusion charts was also great – recommend you checkout the plugin on the marketplace. Really good integration to CDE and some nice looking charts – especially the topology ones, very nice work there!  Thats clearly got a great place in the #iot world.

Needless to say we continued discussion in the pub afterwards and it was great to see so many new faces, and so many people joining into that discussion.

No date set yet for the next meetup – I’ll get something in the calendar soon – If anyone wants to talk then as usual let me know!

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