[Pentaho London Usergroup] Q1 News Roundup

Hi everyone,
With the next PLUG just days away I thought I’d send out a reminder as well as some exciting news that is bouncing around the Pentaho world right now.
#Pentaho News Roundup
Gartner have now formally recognised Pentaho and placed it slap bang where it belongs in the right quadrant. Press release here:
#HDS Appliance
This is probably the first fruits of the new HDS ownership of Pentaho – an out of the box appliance. I’d love to see the details of how this works!  It’s impressive though, and a first in the OSBI world. Details on the register
Challenge BigData
A couple of weeks ago Pentaho held a meetup called Challenge Big Data, and that we did.  As often the case with meetups the real interesting stories were in meeting people from machine learning backgrounds, data scientists and perhaps most interestingly some folk from the insurance industry.
So, next PLUG is Wednesday, you can register here. Pedro alves will be giving an overview of imminent 6.1 release, and Nelson will be talking about our favorite topic of all!  Please also register on the skillsmatter site it will make it quicker to get in, and therefore quicker to get to the beer.
Additionally the next meetup is penciled in for 11th May. Please register onmeetup.com and if you’d like to talk then let me know!  There’s a few candidates for talks which look pretty interesting. Kafka? Saiku? lets see..
We’ve still not had a vote on PCM16 location yet because so far we only have one candidate!  There’s still time to make a proposal though.  I’m hoping for somewhere a touch sunnier than London managed!
Diethard Steiner
So, as usual Diethard is doing his thing and this time we’re tackling the theme of best practices with a focus on database schema management. Whilst there are plenty of tools out there commercial and open source Diethard produced a nice simple one in PDI. Details here
So; Do you have a Pentaho opportunity available?  Want me to list it here?  Sure why not. No agencies of course!

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