Organising a PCM Event

So, it’s time to get some proposals for a location for the #PCM16 meetup event. This is the yearly european wide meetup for the Pentaho (and wider) community.  You’ll have seen me blog about it a lot – not least of all because I helped organise last years meet!

So the event, as most of you all know is organised by the community for the community and is a tech oriented event, with a business slant these days too – but strictly not sales 🙂  Anyway it’s been running forever, so there’s a general pattern to it these days, but there’s plenty of appetite for change, and for people to put their own slant on it.

So the typical thing, is people arrive Friday ish, possibly a fun thing (hack or otherwise) on Friday night, conference all day Sat with a formal agenda, socialising Sat evening and sight-seeing on Sunday.  Hence it needs to be a decent place!  But really, there’s flexibility. There’s good reason to travel on a Friday and hold the conference on the Sat, keeps employers happy that they’re just paying expenses and not also losing a day!

Anyway what does an organiser need to do? Well…

  • Find/book the venue
  • Sort out t-shirts. Very very important.
  • Promote and sort out tickets
  • Manage the agenda
  • Sort out Lunch (which is covered by donations on the day usually)
  • Anything else..

On the finances side, that also has to be managed by the organiser, however bear this in mind:

  • Pentaho will most likely offer some sponsorship. How much I suggest cannot be found out until we have voted on a final organiser.
  • Local companies are likely to sponsor too.  If you include their logos they’ll probably sponsor even more!
  • I doubt anywhere will be as expensive as London for venues! Maybe you can be imaginative and find a venue which has little cost.  All we need is a few rooms, lunch facilities and a couple of projectors..
  • Any socialising/touring on Sunday will obviously be paid by those people who choose to go.

Any questions give me a shout – Once we have the final proposals in we can put it to a vote.



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