#PCM15 Hackathon – Details!

So, the Pentaho Community Meetup hackathon is only a week away.

Firstly boring stuff – Location and signup page can be found here  NOTE: Skillsmatter has moved!

There is a bar, we will try and arrange some snacks, but no pizza this time I’m afraid!

There are prizes too thanks to Harris, but I’m not sure what they are. I did reject signed photos of him though.

Now, how will it work? Well #PCM14 was a “chaos” hack, which meant “do anything you like”, and form teams as you see fit. We’ll carry on in that theme but with a few crucial changes:

  1. We would like to encourage “random”ish teams to form – If you turn up with 5 of your workmates, then please don’t form a team with them – what’s the point in that!
  2. Whilst we do encourage you to bring your own tools and existing frameworks – please do NOT do any pre-preparation in advance.  No pre-building the ETL, cube or etc.
  3. Given we’ve said that – We would like to introduce a theme for the data this year – not mandatory, but maybe you’ll get more points!  The theme is going to be #opendata and there is a great place to start looking here: https://data.gov.uk/data/search

Note: If you pick a horrid XML dump which is massive and impossible to parse then good luck.


Turn up from 6pm and some of us will be there earlier.

Officially kick off about 6.30 aiming to form teams and begin hacking by 7pm.

The hack will finish at 8pm to give us an hour for presentations.

At the end we’ll head off to a pub, as yet undefined in the local vicinity.  Some mention has been made of finding a decent scotch whisky place – I’m open to ideas!  It’s not an area I personally know well though because Skillsmatter recently moved.

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