Pentaho Community Meetup 2015

So, surely everyone knows what PCM is right? Pentaho Community Meetup?

Well it’s the first regular community meetup in the world.  No longer the biggest, but still holds a special place for a lot of people.  Perhaps we need to add “European” into the name somehow.  It is extremely well attended by the key architects / founders of the Pentaho Analytics stack.  The importance of this cannot be understated!

So what is the concept? Well simply a tech oriented meetup based loosely around the Pentaho analytics stack.  There’s strictly no sales presentations allowed (as with PLUG). How does it differ from PLUG? well being a yearly event it’s much more looking to the future, discussing roadmap, and seeing the latest bells and whistles that are available.

So this is the 7th year, in the past we’ve been to:

2008. Mainz
2009. Barcelona
2010. Cascais, PT
2011. Rome
2012. Amsterdam
2013. Sintra, PT
2014. Antwerp
2015. London
2016. Madrid?

In fact, back in 2008, tech meetups barely existed.  Sure we had conferences by vendors, but only your CTO went to those as you had to pay! (bonkers).  Nevertheless there were still 40 of us at that first meetup and it’s only grown from there.

Historically we picked places that were sunny. At the end of the day some of us were paying out of our own pocket so there has always been an unapologetic social side to the event.  The last few years however we lost our way, maybe next year we can return to the sun!

Why did we pick London? well as the event has grown we’ve come to realise it’s essential to have people on the ground who live and know the location. You just can’t organise an event like this remotely.  There’s another reason too – London Rocks! It’s been the most popular tourist destination for 5 of the last 7 years!

To find out more you can see the latest logistical details including dates, times, locations and agenda here.  If you’d like to talk then please send in your details.

Finally who are we?  Well organising this year is myself, Diethard Steiner and Nelson Sousa (All of us are Pentaho veterans and well known in the community!)  So if you have any questions then please do contact us.

2 thoughts on “Pentaho Community Meetup 2015

  1. Hi Dan .. Any Plans on PCM happening in India in future ?? We got lots of Pentaho Developers and contributors in India … and its really sunny in here 🙂 !!!

  2. In the short term I can’t see PCM being outside of Europe. It fulfills a particular niche for this area. The Americans used to complain about there being no PCM over there, but now there is PWorld which covers north america. South America now has enormous meetups in Brazil too. So; If you want a local meetup – then start one. There have already been usergroup style meetups in India, I suggest you start with those and then see if you can graduate to a yearly event. If you command good numbers, then you’ll also get good attendance from Pentaho too, and who knows, you may well attract some of the European people over too!

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