Pentaho London Usergroup – MongoDB


We’ve now set a date for the next Pentaho London usergroup, it will be on 30th Jan and as always the signup page can be found on the meetup page here:

Why MongoDB? Well there are a lot of exciting things going on in this area not least of all the amazing work Pentaho is doing integrating with this database.  Also out of everything that appears under the big data umbrella it seems that MongoDB is probably the most advanced of the lot in terms of production deployments.

As always there’ll be a mixture of users and consultants present.  We keep the event deliberately technical – no sales pitches, just people coming together with a shared interest.

As always would love to have others stepping up to talk and share their experiences, very much in the vein of Alistairs column db presentation last time. If you do have something like that then don’t hesitate to get in touch!  Finally please also do suggest topics whether you want to know the latest and greatest related tech, or more mundane day to day BI topics just say!

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